KAMEHA CON 4 | April 27-29

KAMEHA CON 4 | April 27-29

Okay!  This is probably my favorite show of the year so far.  This was a last minute event.  I signed up after I missed out on Weeb Con due to the Ice Storm in February.  I was super bummed for a while about it, but decided to sign up for Kameha Con.  When I applied, there was a waitlist.  So I joined the waitlist and waited to hear from them.  Literally 2.5 days before the day of set up, I was accepted!  This gave me 2 days to completely reprice everything I had and get ready for the event.  I should I have been prepared regardless, but I accepted that I wasn’t going to get in.  Great idea right? 

I was able to enlist my boy Rick for all 4 days of the actual event, including set up, show, and break down.  That’s my boy and he doesn’t realize the huge part he’s played in where I’m at right now.  So thanks thick ass.  Anyways, this show in general was so much fun.  1st. We were right by the voice actors.  2. I met Bruce Falconer, the composer of the original US broadcast of Dragon Ball Z, got an auto, a pic, and a great conversation with him.   3.  I met Daquan Wiltshire, who was dope asf. 4.  It was busy, but not overly busy, so I got opportunities to look around, me and rick got caricatures made of us (posting pic below) and they’re hilarious asf.  My boy frank came and helped Saturday as well so the 3 of us were wilding the whole time.  Thank you both for the help. 

It was just an all around fun show.  Definitely different being on the vendor side, less time for fun, but it was enough for me.  Got too set up as a vendor of a convention I’ve loved since the beginning, and got to make some experiences while I was at it.  

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