Swap Meet Mode was in full effect this time around and the show was insane.  From beginning to end it was busy, I've never been to a 9 hour show where people came in within the last 30 minutes of the show ending.  Set up was pretty regular compared to other big shows, exhausting as ever.  I came fully prepared for this show, and set up went fairly smooth.  Didn't take 9 hours like retro expo, but it took about a good 4.  I came in with a whole ass comic con booth for this show, which I normally don't do for a one day show.  This is my biggest booth at the Vintage Swap, in terms of how many booths I got.  Me and Gary split a 30x10 booth, and had 15x10 each.  A foot smaller than Retro Expo, but I utilized the space in a way I haven't before and the potential for my future booths is huge.  

I love this show just because there's always a bunch of Clothes, Shoes, Hats, and other dope shit.  It's also nice that it isn't your average Toy/Collectible event, and aren't too many other similar vendors as me either.  So it gives me and Gary a chance to stand out and make an impact.  The variety of people that comes into this show is probably my favorite part about the event.  Doesn't matter what background you come from, or what specific things or niche you're into, there's always something for everyone.  It's always amazing to see people who don't exactly collect Funko Pops, Toy, etc. come into the booth with curiosity and excitement.  The booth got a lot of compliments from everyone who came in and I was proud of how far I've come in the 3 years of doing this show.  Shout out to Jason for throwing such an amazing event fit for everyone.  There's nowhere to go but up for this show, and I'm excited for what the future holds for it  

I now have a goal for this show and plan to grow as much as possible, always make sure the booth is updated and improved.  The next one is in the plans already and I can't wait!

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