COLLECT-A-CON DALLAS 2022 | May 28-29

COLLECT-A-CON DALLAS 2022 | May 28-29

My first time vending at Collect A Con was insane.  I had always wanted to be a vendor at this show, I just never got the opportunity in the years prior.  This year I finally felt like I was in a place to do that, and I did.  Collect A Con was a great show for me in terms of learning experience.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a booth as busy as this one was, until Fan Expo of course.

We were right by the Pecos Pete stand, whose line was long the entire time.  We got a lot of traction on Saturday from the people in the Pecos line and in the Meta Zoo line.  That line wrapped along the entire left side if the building at one point.  It got a bit annoying because it covered our booth at some points, but it never lasted too long.  Once the line completely died down, the booth was non stop on Saturday!   Luckily my Mom and my homie Will (quack) were there helping.  Will was a big help and got to experience his first con as a vendor with me.  I was happy he got to experience that with me, so he can use that for whenever he sets up at one.  

It was a little hard keeping up with the booth and watching everyone who came in and out. There were points that there was a line just to get in.  It felt pretty cool, but stressed me out lmao.  The show itself was alot of fun, cool people, good variety of stuff, and I made my biggest sale there, finally unloading my Headless Ned (bye hoe).  Having grails can be cool, but at a certain point you get tired of looking at them.  The load in/out at this show wasn’t too bad, not insane like Fan Expo was.  

Overall it was a lot of fun, definitely a show I plan to do again, but with a bigger booth.  So customers have a bigger area to move around in and look around without being swamped by others.  I know what to expect now, and the next Collect A Con booth will be perfect! 

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